A Little About Timber Ridge Kennels...

We are a small kennel in east Texas, located sixty miles north of Houston, in Montgomery, Texas. Our love for the breed is what started this kennel. We raise only top quality Rhodesian Ridgebacks! I bought my first Ridgeback several years ago. In short, she is the best dog I have ever owned. After having her for a couple of years I decided to start breeding. I bought a male and opened Timber Ridge Kennels.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks seems to have the same effect on most people: once you have one you will never want any other dog. They bond well with one person while remaining a friendly family dog. We welcome anyone who wants to come and interact with these dogs to bring the family. You deserve to see these remarkable pups for yourself. If you live too far but have already been swayed by their impeccable disposition, we will gladly ship them anywhere "within reason." We will decide based upon current weather conditions, temperatures, and various other arrangements made between us and the buyer, what defines within reason. We want no harm to be incurred by these precious canines.

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