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Kalahari "Kali" This girl is full of energy and loves everyone! We are anxious to watch her grow. Big for her age but very muscular and lean.
Jasmine This is a 5 year old female that is a great watch dog! She is very smart and very loyal! She has had several beautiful red wheaten pups. Jazzy is about 87 pounds
Lucy 2 years old and just as sweet as she can be! We love her personality and temperament. She is a sweetheart. Her father is an import from South Africa
Malnike Malnike is 6 years old and one of our tallest females. She is very tall and lean. She has a very sweet, loving personality and has been a great dog for us. She has some beautiful pups too!
Reba Reba is 4 years old. She is very friendly and a haus, with a thicker build. She is super playful and loves our kids and anyone she meets! Reba is 100 pounds.
Dejavu One we kept from our litter from Reba and Kam. This girl is a handful but so full of personality. She is so sweet and smart and a lot of fun! We can't wait to watch her grow.
River Another female we are raising to make an awesome Dam later on. She is tall and lean with a great bloodline. Sister to Lucy. She is so sweet and has a very playful fun personality.