Our puppies are divided into three categories:
Pet Quality is when the puppy has too much white, the ridge is not "perfect", the tail might have a kink... it is always something cosmetic that most people, excluding judges and breeders, would not even notice. They are definitely not inferior or anything like that. In fact, one of my females is Pet Quality and she is a great dog that has beautiful puppies. It just depends on what you want. As far as a pet, they are perfect. If you are going to show, they are not right for you.
females 2000 / males $2250 (limited registration)
Show Quality explains itself. If you are thinking about showing, this is where you would start. Show Quality means the puppy meets all the requirements of the breed such as teeth, tail, ridge, color, conformation and even size. These puppies are without flaws. It has nothing to do with intelligence what so ever, it is only in regard to breed requirements.
females $2250 / males $2500 (limited registration)
Pick of the Litter is the best of the best. There is only one in each litter and sometimes not even one. I am very specific about my pick. If I do not have one that really stands out above the others, then I do not pick. You can be sure that if I have one it will be beautiful!! I always have trouble talking myself in to selling it. I know that it is probably going to be better than my own dogs. I am proud of this. For that reason, Pick of the Litters are worth more to me than the other puppies. If you want a dog that people will really notice, or one that will win you some shows, then you need to see what I am talking about.
$2500 ( limited registration) Full registration $3500 (for approved families only, case by case basis)
All of our puppies are sold with a two year health guarantee against any genetic disorder: Hip dysplasia, dermoid sinus, ect...
We stand behind our dogs. All puppies come with a three year pedigree, and of course they are all AKC registered. Our dogs are kept on a strict health and vaccination routine, but most important, our dogs are raised with love and care. If they are raised with both, then everything else comes easy.