Your non-refundable deposit is $250 and will go towards the purchase price of the puppy you pick. We accept cash, venmo, zelle, Apple Pay and checks for a deposit.
Puppies are chosen in order of deposits received. Your deposit is transferable to another litter if you choose to wait for a future litter
Puppies are chosen around five weeks of age. You can come in person to pick or I can send you pictures and videos. If you want to select your puppy in person, we encourage you to do so as long as you're able to come within a reasonable time during the selection process. We will do our best to give accurate personality descriptions of the puppies, but remember, their personality is buildable and also based on their environment and experiences once they go to their new homes.
We plan for the puppies to leave at 8 weeks old. In special circumstances we can board the puppy for additional time. There will be a fee per week after 9 weeks old to cover the cost of food, any shots, and de-worming they may need to stay up to date.
Yes we can ship our puppies. We have a relationship with a pet nanny that we have used for several years. He flies with the puppy and tends to your puppy the whole time. This option keeps the puppy calm and less stressed while traveling. The nanny will meet you at the airport and hand your puppy directly to you. We also have families that choose to fly in themselves. We are happy to meet you at the airport with your puppy if needed or you can drive to our kennel. We are about an hour away from IAH in Houston.
I recommend bringing a towel, and paper towels or wipes for any messes or cleanups that may occur on the way home. If you are a passenger, you will probably want to hold the puppy in your lap on the drive home. It helps start the bonding process and they will feel much safer. If you are traveling alone a kennel or carrier would be ideal to keep everyone safe while you're driving.
Yes, we health test our dogs. We are also constantly adding more tests that need to be completed as our new dogs come of age.
The puppies come with a 2 year health guarantee, up to date on shots and de-worming, vet check, limited AKC papers, and a few puppy starter items (collar, puppy blanket with mom's scent, toy and chewstick, food if needed)
The puppies have access to a dog door. Mom starts training them to go out around 4 weeks old. They learn to potty outside very young and it usually fairly easy to finish their potty training once they go home.
All our puppies are sold with limited registration unless discussed otherwise. Limited registration means you're not planning to breed or show and you just want a companion or family pet. A full registration puppy is going to cost more than a limited registration puppy. If you plan to breed this is something we like to know up-front so that we can help you pick the right puppy for your breeding program. We we also work with you on all the details of what breeding entails. If you purchase your puppy as a pet and later on decide you want to breed him/her, we can discuss eligibility of your puppy to see if they are a good fit for breeding at that time as well, just know that not all are eligible depending on which puppy you picked. For instance, show vs. pet quality.
We recommend that you spay or nueter your puppy but we do NOT require it. Everyone has different views on whether or not they should be spayed or neutered so we leave that to you to make that decision. Our recommendation is that you spay your female at 12-18 months, preferably after her first heat. Males should be neutered between 10-18 months depending on the individual male. We are happy to help you determine the best time to spay/neuter your puppy in your situation.
No, we do not remove dew claws. The dew claw has an important purpose for athletic breeds and should not be removed unless medically necessary. The front dewclaw has 5 tendons attached to it and plays a significant role when dogs are in motion. Ridgebacks are a very athletic breed and this helps them stabalize their carpus (wrist) when in a gallop or canter. The dew claw also digs into the ground and provides support to the limb while turning. Rear dew claws are rare and usually only attached by skin. If a puppy were to have a rear dewclaw we would remove those. By leaving the front dewclaws we are allowing the dog to use them as needed and also preventing possible injury during the removal. If any of the tendons were severed in the process of removing the front dewclaw then that could lead to other injuries later on.
Dermoid Sinus is a health concern specific to this breed. It is a congenital abnormality (present from birth) that consists of hollow tubular indentations of the skin that penetrate down into the tissue below. They can create problems because they can become infected with debris and hair. Once infected they will rupture like a cyst. Dermoids occur along the midline (centre of the back) and mostly on the back of the neck and shoulder blades. The depth that they penetrate into the tissue varies from dog tp dog. Some dermoids can go deep and connect with the spinal cord causing a lot of pain. The surgery to remove the dermoid can be done around 8-12 weeks of age. Once healed, the puppy can go on to live a happy normal life with no issues from the dermoid. This surgery is to be done prior to the puppy being placed in a forever home. In an effort to protect the gene pool, no dog with dermoid sinus should be bred.
Yes, we do! Contact us for more details.